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Schaller original gibson tuner ID help

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Hi..I have a set of Gibson tuners that I was told are from the 1970s and go on a specific Gibson acoustic from that era. I can add pics if necessary but first I'll just give details to see if that alone can get me the info I need. They are 3x3 black tuners with keystone buttons. They are Schaller and stamped Made in Germany in the underside of the tuner casing. On the back of the tuner you have the word "original" stamped horizontally and then from the "g" in the word "original" you have "Gibson" stamped vertically. So Gibson Original is stamped on the back.


If you have ever seen the mid 1970's to early 1980's Fender Schaller F tuners with the safe T post design, these are exactly the same in that regard.


If you would like pics let me know..Thank you

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