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But honey, I neeeeed it!


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Fellow members of this freely editable forum, I give up.

I've e-mailed, posted,called,cajoled, driven places, flirted and argued, all to try and find out the intended functions, settings and controls for the Gibson Dark Fire Robot Guitar with Powertune Gen. II Technology, a guitar I am waiting for, but accept is delayed.

I keep getting told the information will possibly be with the RIP package, sometime.That package is irrelevant to what is required by Dark Fire owners for now.


There are questions posted here by many of us that are left unanswered. Those answers exist. In fact, ALL the information we require exists otherwise there would be no Dark Fire.

Surely we deserve to know what its supposed to do. I'm sick of asking bit by bit , wondering if i'll get an answer.

Honestly, I feel like i've done something wrong. One thing's for sure- it's putting me off the whole idea.


Someone representing Gibson should tell us why we have no full user manual. At the momment it feels like they are saying:-

"We are not going to tell you how YOUR guitar works until WE are ready".


Now I said "I give up". But all I really want is to join you in the thread of photos of our big ugly grinning faces playing a Chameleon Tone, Burstbucker 3, P-90H, Acoustic Capability,Robot tuning,Piezo, Gibson LES PAUL Dark Fire Robot Guitar with Powertune Gen. II Technology, musical contraption.


So come on Mr Tronical. It's Christmas. We know you're out there =P~

We are your friends. Tell us how........ You play. We tune.


Peace, love and a Happy Christmas to you all.





This place could seriously do with a #wink# smiley btw

now wheres that wrapping paper??

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