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Ho! Ho! Ho!

11.30PM here. Anything that needs stuffing is. =D>


Hope you're all in good spirits fellow DF'ers.


Little competition for the festive season......


Q.1. What is this symbol and what happens when it lights up?






The prize for the correct answer IS.........frantic call to Gibson...................................

......................sorry, it seems nobody knows if I'm allowed tell you if there is a prize or not:-s

Say they have to check with CEO to see if they can ask him but we are not to worry as they do know. Clear?

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thats "push" not "press/click".

as in...

Powertune remains active when the PEQ or the Piezo signal is present AND you rotate the MCK to LED-Peg. When you push down the MCK at this position the PEQ and Piezo signal remain active. The tone knob feels like a regular knob (without clicks) and the tone capacitor is activated again.


If you want to shut down Powertune, turn MCK to any other position than LED-Peg and push MCK.


If you want to play with active electronics (PEQ and/or Piezo) rotate MCK to LED-Peg and push MCK.



Q.3.With the light indicating an "equalized piezo signal" and 100 percent acoustic sound (no traditional pickups)

rotate MCK to LED-Peg and push MCK. Do you have tone control of the PIEZO sound?

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No There are no EQ controls for the Piezo, and there is no Volume control for the dedicated piezo out on splitter box.

I would love to be wrong, but sadly it seems the stereo PEQ's controls of "Gain", "Q", "Bandwidth" can only be changed using my favorite programming language: SOLDER

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