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It is a Gibson Chet Atkins model, which I believe started production in 1991. They typically sell used just over the $1000 mark.


I have played one in a shop I worked at and even though I have a lot of time on classicals over the years this one did not appeal to me. It has a fairly solid body, almost like a Les Paul, and the body is thin so that part didn't appeal to me when playing seated and I found the pickup a bit too glassy for my ears.


I am not sure if anyone has put out something better for an A/E classical since then, but I am confident that pickup technology has improved immensely. Just a few weeks ago I helped a student buy an acoustic electric classical and she got an Ibanez that was well under $400 and sounded great. It is a full body, of course, rather than the thin one on the Chet Atkins - but the sound was far superior.


Click here for pics of a nice red Chet Atkins model

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