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Replacement tuners for LP Studio


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I am brand new to the forum. I look forward to meeting some of you and learning a lot. So Let's begin!


I have a 2004 Les Paul Studio I picked up off of somebody of Craig's List. It's an absolutely beautiful instrument and I'm now hopelessly hooked on Gibson. My only other electric guitar is a 1974 Fender Stratocaster that I've been happily playing for decades. I want to replace the tuners on my Les Paul since the guitar goes out of tune pretty quickly. Especially the G string when I'm bending it a lot.


After doing some on-line research, I bought Grover 502G tuners. They fit the hole perfectly including the screw mounting hole. BUT, the shaft is 1/8" too short.


Can anyone tell me what Grover (or other brand) tuners will fit my guitar?




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Hmmm. Pretty quiet.


I did some more research and found that the Grover 102-18 series tuners appear to be the dimensions I really want. But they aren't "locking" tuners. Maybe someone can educate me a bit about tuners. What makes a tuner a "good" tuner or a "great" tuner, or for that matter, a "crappy" tuner? Will locking rotomatic tuners keep my guitar in tune better than regular rotomatics or do they just make it easier to change strings? What other differences are there that I don't even know enough to ask about?



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I wound up going with Grover 106G tuners. They are just a little taller than the original Gibson tuners but work just fine. The holes also were the right size and line up so no drilling required. I really didn't want to take a drill to my beloved Les Paul [scared]

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