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Guernsey Auction : " Artistry Of The Guitar "

Dennis D near Milwaukee

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Not a plug, and not associated w/buyers, sellers or auction house. Just a heads-up for any interested parties.

I saw the auction referenced in the current issue of Guitar Aficionado, and sent for the catalogue. It's $52. delivered, or $40. bought in New York, I believe. It's well over 250 pages of color photo's w/ a little history of the instruments.

There are easily sixty plus pages of Gibson classics alone - - all either archtops and flatops or mandolins. I think the catalogue is well worth the money.

My only real question was and is the natural finish Gibson guitars, and how the natural color tones show up in the photo's. They seem to have a mustard yellow tone to them, and I've seen the same tints before, mostly in dealer's inventory pictures. Could these have been a lighting issue or ? Curious if anyone else has seen this catalogue and noticed this.

But no matter what, it's a very good coffee table book.




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