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Hello- I have a 58 reissue Les Paul with burstbucker 1 in neck and bb2 in bridge. I typically play through a Vintage Sound blackface clone amp and a mix of Tone Tubby ceramic and Tone Tubby alnico speakers. I am attempting to get a little more note clarity without loosing the somewhat sweet tone of the pickups. I am considering trying some different magnets. I have some alnico 4 magnets, alnico 5 polished and alnico 5 unoriented magnets to choose from if I go through with it. Has anyone tried magnet changes on BB1,BB2 before? And if so were the results satisfactory? I have seen numerous clips of burstbuckers that seem quite bright and clear. And I have heard differing reviews of the burstbucker pros. Some love them and some hate them. I know the Tone Tubbies could be effecting to the sound. But they sure do take the edge off when using bright single coils. So for me a magnet change would be the easiest cheapest fix.

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