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ES-125 Bridge Problems


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I have a beautiful 1966 ES-125, here's a pic:




The problem is with the bridge. As many of you probably know, this is a friction bridge. When there are no strings on top of it, there's nothing to stop it from moving or coming off. Recently I changed the strings, and inevitably the bridge moved. Now, however, I can't get the bridge back to where it was originally. Now, the strings all sound dead and slightly out of tune. Could someone direct me to some measurements of where this bridge should be on the guitar for the intonation to be correct?


Another piece of advice I'm looking for is this. I don't plan to sell this guitar, ever, so originality is not very important to me. Have any of you ever heard of a fixed bridge and stop bar being installed on one of these to avoid this hassle? I really hate to think I'm going to have to go through making exact measurements like this every time I have to restring the thing (that makes me sound kind of lazy, but oh well). Also, sometimes when I bend a string it slides a bit, thus screwing everything up. A fixed bridge would really help.

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