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Help IDing Vintage Gibson Case...


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As I'm new to the forum, a quick intro- my remaining 2 guitars in this world of which I'll never part- a Marauder and a J-100.


In liquidating most other things to stay afloat, I'm parting with a bass case I believe to be from a grabber or a ripper, but this is the best I can deduce from pictures online...


Here's the dimensions:


Exterior of Case (when closed, from the top)


Length: 47.5"


Width of headstock @ widest: 8.25"


Width of body at widest (roughly were the Gibson logo is): 15.75"


Width of skinniest part of body: 13"


Width @ cutaway: 13.25"


Interior of case, which would correspond to actual dimensions of guitar:


Length: 46"


Width of headstock @ widest: 6.75"


Width of body at widest: 13.5"


Width of skinniest part of body: 10.5"


Width @ cutaway: 10.75"



For more pics, here's a link to my ebay post:




Thanks much!



post-66329-012431300 1405023975_thumb.jpg

post-66329-063385200 1405023984_thumb.jpg

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