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User Programmable Tunings & PEQ Tones?


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I've read and watched quite a bit of DF reviews with conflicting information in regards to tuning presets, user banks and the number of available "saves". I know the guitar has eight Chameleon factory presets and according to the QuickStart Guide it has 18 Tuning factory presets. What I'm confused about is whether or not you can alter those presets and / or add others. Reviews have stated that it can hold several presets. Some mentioned as many as 500 or even 2000 presets which seems absurd! I really don't think thats correct but I would like to hope that you can create and save a reasonable amount of your own.


What I'd like to know is:


Can you go to a preset tuning that perhaps you don't want to use, change the tuning of the guitar manually and then save that tuning in place the other? And can you do it simply on the guitar versus using related software.


If you can create your own alternate tuning presets, how do you and how many can you make / save to the guitar?

Do we know if there are any other available banks on the MCK not outlines in the QuickStart?


If you can create your own Chameleon presets by manipulating the PEQ, how do you and how many can you make / save to the guitar?


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you kindly

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I'm sure that elantric will come on here and answer all the rest of your questions, but I can start it of.


The guitar does come with 18 preset tunings on board (three banks of 6). In the manuals, there is cryptic reference to additional banks- I can't tell you any more than that on the subject.


But, to answer your question about saving over factory presets, yes, you absolutely can. You simply manually tune to whatever you want to save, walk though 5 or so button pushes/pulls, and you're done. I've saved a couple of presets over the factory ones that I don't think I'll ever use, so it is customizable in that regard.


With that, I'll turn it over to the guys that have gotten a chance to dive in more than I have.

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