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1936 (Gibson) Old Kraftsman archtop


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I read a post on this site of a guy who purchased a rare 1936 Old Kraftsman (made by Gibson). The post said it came from George Gruhn's collection and that it was "Rare". I have an identical guitar (left to me by my Grandfather)...can you tell me the approx value? I've had this guitar for 27 years and it's in pretty good shape and still sounds good....i never thought of it as being rare....just wondering....I did see the caption on Gruhn's site saying his was "the only on they've ever seen"....Just curious.

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Thats a nice one.....another brand name department store model built in the manner of a 16" Kalamazoo, Recording King (Wards) or Cromwell.


The Old Kraftsman brand is often associated with Kay, but this one is clearly Gibson built.


Here's a link to another for sale at Top Shelf Music....from the Jim Fisch Collection

This one has fancier fretboard inlays.


He's got it listed for $1800.




Go to http://www.topshelfmusic.com/ and scroll down to the Jim Fisch Collection and you can read a description.

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