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I'm considering refretting a couple guitars. My 2000 R9 and all other Gibson guitars all have nice, big frets, but my R9s made in 2006, 20012 & my 2005 Joe Perry LP all seem to have very short frets, resulting in me getting a lot of fretboard rub during bends.



I contacted the Gibson Custom shop, inquiring what the fret size was on 3 of my other Gibson Custom Shop guitars which I was looking to emulate. Their response was that "they don't release finished fret size". All they would say was that unfinished frets are .100 * .100, which was absolutely useless from a height perspective.


I'm thoroughly unimpressed and disappointed with the custom shop response. I've collected over 15 Gibson Custom Shop guitars at considerable expense over the years and they refuse to tell me the fret size on any of the instruments I've purchased, forcing me to pay a luthier to measure them.


Has anybody else felt the recent R8 / R9 frets are quite low?

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Hi Karma1959,

First of all, congratulations on your impressive collection of Gibson Custom Shop guitars, I admit that i envy that!

From my relatively small knowledge of playing guitars over the years (18 years), i learned to adapt to each guitar i own or used for whatever reason. Neck size, strings, volume pots on a stratocaster for example, all these details ends up influencing in the fine and delicate art that is to play a musical instrument, I agree 100% that you need to feel comfortable with your instrument to play your best, but some times changing slightly our technique and how we play can be really good and even important if you take health issues into the topic, our fists and wrists suffers over time, i learned the hard way after about 5 years, i got tendinitis. What I am trying to say, even though i do not know the real situation that the fret is in your guitar, maybe the fretboard rub can be avoided playing slightly different? Having so many guitars, I understand that it must be hard to feel comfortable with all of them, hell I have four guitars and if i go by a week without playing one of them i already have that feeling that its not right and have to adapt a little.


I have a 2003 R9, and the frets are very low and for obvious reasons they are worn out through years of playing, since there's no buzz or huge amount of sustain loss i try not to replace it since there is always a chance to chip the fretboard when changing the fret, thus damaging our beloved guitars in a way.


Regarding the Gibson costumer support, with all respect, i couldnt disagree more, they always contacted me with celerity, respect and efficiency. If they have a secrecy towards certain specific information in their guitar parts i believe we should all respect, even for someone like you who undoubtebly respect and admire their work, that have spent a considerable amount of money on their products. I am certain that you obviously have a luthier that you trust in his work to hand over so many wonderful guitars to adjust since it is always good to do this in a monthly basis so i dont think you would have a problem with getting the information about the fret with him, right?


I'm afraid i cant help with information regarding recent R8/9, i wish i could though!


Looking forward in you uploading your guitar galore! would love to see your beauties.


Have a nice day sir,


Rock on!

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Whoa there, you take your guitar for a setup once a month? Do you live under water or something?


Hi, although the thread is not mine, i will respond the reply without giving another question, Farnsbarns. I live in Brazil, although not every single month, I take care of my guitar about 5 times a year, so about every 2 months. I take good care of what is mine.

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