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Sketchy Chet Country Gent


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I found a 1987 Chet Atkins Country Gentleman in rough shape with a few anomalies:

1.No inside Label

2.The current owner said he looked up the serial number and it came up as a Chet Atkins cec

3.Some small bubbles in the finish

4.Serious corrosion on the pickups and bridge and a green patina growing there. The owner said it is where the previous owner likely left his hand while playing but I haven't seen that before.

I thought it might be a second due to the finish blemishes but there was no '2' stamped on the headstock and supposedly Gibson was no longer selling seconds in 1987. I don't think it is a knock off because the guitar looks legit in shape and appointments including the correct tremolo arm and crank tuners. Additionally if it was a fake I think it would have a label to avert suspicion. The label and serial number have me most buffaloed. Any thoughts you guys have are greatly appreciated.

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