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? About Epi emporror 2 swingster truss rod, duel action?


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So, long story short..when I have the truss rod nut free, the neck has a very slight relief just from string tension. Then when tightning iit clockwise almost hand tighted, the neck is pretty much strait. Then when I loosen the nut back tell its free , I'll keep turning it in the looseing direction and the nut will catch again and become harder to turn, tell it starts tighting the neck and will start giveing it more relief, but the nuts as tight as it is when its pulling the neck ,the more I tightin it conter clockwise the more relief I get ....so do these guitars have a duel action neck? I ve read that some do and some don't. Would this reaction of the truss rod mean it's duel? And also can you keep these guitars in the tighting relief position for playing? Hope this makes sense thanks nate

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