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Songwriter Deluxe Koa EC

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Got my first Gibson, a 2009 songwriter deluxe koa ec. When I bought it, I was told it was part of a limited run of 50. After a lil research, I read that those 50 were made in 2007 only? It looks to be built exactly like the only two others I could find on the web, except mine was made in 2009. I called Gibson, and the rep confirmed it was an all koa SWD EC built in their custom shop in 2009, but he could not tell me if it was part of the limited 50. Could it be Gibson took 2 years to make 50 of them from 2007 to 2009? Aside from the beauty of this guitar, what drew me more into buying it was that i thought it was part of the 50, which made it feel more special. I love it regardless, but just curious if it was or was not one of the 50. Was this all koa model a mass produced model? Thanks.

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