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1982-83 Moderne


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Would it be possible for Gibson to provide the community with a few definitive answers about these enigmatic guitars?


It would be great to have a true understanding of the serial numbering. We think we know that all are 3 digit numbers not exceeding 100 and all are preceded by a letter (A-H).

What was the significance of the letters? Strictly an order or some other meaning? If they represented different runs, done at different times, did each run produce exactly 100 pieces? If so, that would mean 800 guitars were produced in total. Speculation has it that only 150 or so were produced but no one knows for sure.

It seems that most were natural and a few Ebony and red. Can we get some confirmation of the numbers of these or at least the ratios, so that we know what is truly a low production piece?


Why all the secrecy?


I am a life long devoted and loyal Gibson player. I have to believe that company records from the md eighties is there. It would be great if Gibson would make an effort to share this. Enough Gibsonites would be interested to know some facts. It's amazing how many articles have been written on this without anything concrete ever coming out.



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