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Might be a vintage Gibson or just a POS


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Im new here and am having trouble finding out what type of guitar I inherited from my Grandfather. He left me two guitars 1. 1929 Martin D-28

2. Well thats why I am here.

I did try to research this and was getting confused as to where to look for seriel numbers and all that jazz. So if anyone can help me out I would love some help, and I thank you in advance. On the back of the headstock, at the top, there is a ink stamped number that says LP 19 B. Other than that the only other identification sticker is where the neck tapers into the bottom of the headstock on the back, but all the information is rubbed off. Since the other guitar I inherited is such an amazing instrument I hope this one is also


Thanks so much for any help guys and gals!

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I don't think the Martin D28 was available in 1929. Martins are easy to date with the serial number. All pre war D28 guitars are quite valuable as you probably know. The earlist D28 were 12 fret necks and very rare.


Gibsons can be difficult to name or date with a number. What kind of guitar is the other one? Acoustic, electric. Is it a Gibson?



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