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1993 Flying V Custom Shop Edition

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Hi, I purchased a V a few years ago and it plays and sounds as it should but recently there's been something that bugs me. I get that regular custom shop models are preceded by the letters CS and then some numbers. My cherry V has a custom shop edition decal BUT the serial is a regular one, you know YDDDYRRR. I have this gibson gold garanty brochure and even the receipt from the shop that sold it in 1995 to the original owner in Texas.


The model reads DSVRCH1 on the garanty and DSVRVCCH1 on the receipt. They both share the serial number that is 91853708 which to my knowledge means it was made at the


Nashville Plant, TN, USA

July 4th, 1993

Production Number: 408


... according to http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx


So, if this is a regular 68 V, (is it?) why has that "custom shop edition" on the headstock?


I post some photos. An answer will be much appreciated.

















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