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Different Nashville Tune-o-matics


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Is it true that Gibson switched from using Schaller-made Nashville Tune-o-matics to Asian-made ones? When did this occur and is true for all the models using the Nashville bridges? Is the only way to distinguish them to look at imprints on their bottoms?

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I have noticed some differences in markings between the one on my 2000 ES-135 (which is just like the one on my '02 Studio), and one I recently bought from Gibson (which has a small PW mark underneath).

Neither say Schaller, and have some different casting mark locations. The newest one came with string grooves already in the saddles. The others were plain at one time.


Otherwise they seem pretty much the same spec wise, though perhaps from different manufacturers.


In my experience Schaller usually trademarks their stuff. Since my three do not say Schaller I doubt that they are.

I don't think you can get them in nickel plated either: only chrome or black.


Maybe they are Ping, now?

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