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What's up with this 1970's SG?


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Hi there,

new to this forum. I own a 1974 SG and am totally in love with it.


What's up with this early 70's SG (not my guitar):




I am confused about the white neck binding. I thought that was only available on the SG custom, although it reappeared on the standard in 1978. The seller says this guitar is from '74 or '73, the tone/volume knob layout confirms this. However, the serial (774069) would make it 1970, 1971, 1972. ????


So, my question, is this a custom ordered '73/'74 SG (with white neck binding and inlay at the 18th fret), or would it be something else (e.g. a modified '78 with some 'Gibson misserialization')? Or am I wrong, and was white neck binding available on the Standard in 1973/1974?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Best regards,


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