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Real or fake Explorer?


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Hi there, my name is Lionello Nardon, I am an Italian guitar player (sorry for my bad english).

I bought a used Gibson Exploer two weeks ago. This is my first Gibson, and i'm very happy, this feels and sounds incredibly well, but I have some things that I want to ask you...


The old owner (another Italian guy) told me that he bought the guitar in 2010 new and in stock conditions, but it have some strange features...



- Arctic White color (I mean, REALLY white... not cream...)


- Block Pearl inlays (like a Les Paul Custom)


- Bridge volume pot wiht a golden skull with the number 13 on it



I saw some explorers whit Block Inlays (Explorer pro? I am wrong?), but whit white binding and smaller body, my Explorer is full body size and whitout binding....


The guitar has original Hard Case and documents.






date: 9/25/10


model no.: DXRCHCHI


serial no.: 125000518




Thank you, I hope you will help me.


Ciao, Lionello.

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