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LPJ nut replacement


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Hi guys,


I've been searching for a replacement nut for my LPJ 2013.

Does anyone has an experience with that ? Brand, model, that would fit ?


All kind of information will be appriciated.

Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Milen Vichev

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Milen, I put a Graph Tech "tusq xl" on my LP Standard and love it. You'll find lots of people on this forum that use them. You can get them pre-slotted. Look up their web site; graphtech.com and they have a measuring guide to help you get the right size. Guitar Center had my size or you can order from Amazon or Graph Tech direct. The nuts are permanently lubed and the slots in mine were cut very precise. There are videos on you tube on how to install these yourself. Mine was $15 bucks, definitely not worth paying someone to do this. Check it out at least. Good Luck.




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