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Epiphone FT-110 1951 NY, U.S.A.


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My grandfather gave me his guitar... which is an Epiphone FT-110, made in NY U.S.A., and by the serial number look-up I used, says is a 1951. It's in a decent rough shape (refer to picture). Any ideas on value?


I'm looking to get it restored, as I'd like to keep it and use it. So my questions are....


1) What would the approximate current value be?

2) What would the value be after a restoration?

3) How much would a typical restoration cost?

4) What exactly effects value on a guitar (i.e. what shouldn't be touched during restoration to retain its value?)



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Hello cmcallis, welcome to the forum. This is a very neat gift you were given. I think that you've identified and dated it correctly.


Are you a guitar player? Are you wanting to play it or sell it? If you would like to sell then I suggest leaving it as-is. You would likely not gain from putting money into it.


Here's a 1951 Epiphone FT-110 that I recently sold. Let me know if you would like a professional appraisal for insurance purposes for your guitar.




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