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Looking for 'Classic' LP parts!


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Hey guys, I'm new to the forum, so if I make any errors in the way I post I apologize -- Hard to keep up with so many different forum rules! Haha!


I've been working on a guitar for a bit and have run into some issues finding parts,


I'd really like to go for a 1960 'Classic' vibe as I'm completely in love with them, and I can say that I absolutely love the Snot Green inlays (I must be one of the small percentage who do!),

Anyway, I'm looking for an Engraved 1960 Pickgaurd and a 'Classic' truss rod that one of you fine LP owners may have swapped out, as I understand a lot of people opt for the plain gaurd and cover, so if anyone (preferably in the UK, though I don't mind shipping if need be) has, or knows of anyone, who may have them lying about I'd be really interested in buying as I've spoken to countless repair shops, retailers, suppliers and luthiers, and gotten nowhere.


post-72443-062376200 1433353399_thumb.jpg


post-72443-055614300 1433353416_thumb.jpg


If the price is right, I'll be on it like a cheetah on a gazelle c:


Cheers anyway guys!


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