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Gibson's official advice on Electar Century amp's humming issues?

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Hoping someone at Gibson see this thread and provide an official recommendation on how to fix the hum/noise on the 2014 Epiphone Century Electar amp.After searching the web I found these leading options:

  • Change tubes
  • Reduce Bias
  • Fix heating wiring

Some sound advice comes from a french guy on the thread below, but I would like to hear an 'official' recommendation on what to do.http://www.harmonycentral.com/forum/forum/guitar/acapella-28/31267077-hum-from-new-tube-amp-what-can-it-be/page3

Also, a video and/or detailed information on how to adjust the bias would be appreciated, as I think that the idea of this control was to allow the regular joe to do it without having to take it to a tech guy


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