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1957 Gibson LG1 Back to Life(w/Pics)


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My story....short version...I always wanted to learn how to play guitar but was too intimidated to try. I played piano for a number of years but always had an eye and ear for the guitar. My father owned a 1957 Gibson LG-1. He won it from a buddy in the military through a poker game in the early 60's. He "allegedly" courted my mother by playing her songs on it. I remember him playing it to me when I was a wee little one....and I have been told through my toddler years I used to even crawl on it....to when I was 6 and 7 used to try and get some sound out of it. Well needless to say he stopped playing it around then...and put it away in the closet for the last 25 years.


Just a few months ago I finally started taking lessons to learn to play guitar.....bought myself an el cheapo guitar to get the process started...and now I am just hooked beyond belief playing probably about 2+ hours a day. The other day my father mentioned "Hey...if you want to go take my old Gibson to get it fixed and playing again....you can have it." Needless to say I jumped on that offer knowing the reputation that Gibson has for guitars and also the history it has in our family I just had to bring it back to life.


Well it is officially back from the shop and they did a great job. Just had to install new tuner knobs, and they reglued the bridge and installed a bone saddle. Other then that....its in tremendous shape. Structurally shop said the guitar is in great shape! Neck is straight and bracing is in excellent shape after inspection. It has its share of cosmetic "battle scars" from use over the years but that is what it is supposed to have. I have been so excited to bring this guitar back to life...and look so forward to continue learning how to play on it and then of course play for my daughter like my father played for me on it.


Here are a few pictures. Just love the sound...has such a sweet vintage....folksey....sounds its hard to describe. So different from the mellow full round sound of my Epiphone Hummingbird. But its such a contrasting sound it is great to have both guitars now for what every mood or sound you want.






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