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Thanks, onewilyfool, for your imput on the L20. I've owned one similar to yours for about 4 months now and share the same sentiments. This is the only Gibson I have and, as you say, it does have a unique sound quality, quite different to either of my other guitars, a Martin D16 and Martin NAMM Special 2001 (a small, single cutaway, parlour style).

When I bought the L20, it looked as if it has been run over by a steamroller at some stage. Even so, it still sang like a battered nightingale and inspired me to work on it and make it look presentable. I just cannot understand how anyone could treat a guitar of this quality so badly, but what an amazing instrument to still sound so good, despite all that punishment (badly cracked soundboard, warped bridge,possibly extreme humidity/temperature damage etc)

My L20 is the 12 fret version - I believe there were some 14 fret versions as well. Also there was a lot more information on this Forum last year about the L20 which seems to have disappeared! Found an old Keb'Mo tuition tape the other day and it looked as if he was playing an L20. Certainly sounded good, whatever it was.

Your info on the new Washburn Parlor also sounds interesting - I'll try and check it out, though they may not reach the UK.

I'll try and post some pictures next time. So long for now.

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