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A new model came to my studio, ESP LTD EC-256. I had a quick review of it. It seems to be well build, a nice thin neck with a good handling. When plugged in this ESP sounds really solid on the drive channel and the riff part. The downside is the clean channel, but with some pedals and a good tube amp it's pretty decent. All in all for its price range, I think it can be a good choice if you want to do some hard rock/heavy metal stuff. What do you think about this one? If there is somebody who tried this model, feel free to share your thoughts about it! Thanks! [thumbup]

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Some new hot reviews in the house:


An Ibanez S520, one of the first S series guitars I've played. It's something between the lower RG/GRG class and the higher Prestige Models. All in all the drive part sounds very good for its price range. What do you think about this model?

An Washburn Idol Series WI64TRK. This is one of the guitars my former vocalist use to play from time to time, along with another washburn ( I think it was some kind of strat but I can't remember the model). I've played only this 2 models from Washburn. With this Idol model I've played almost everything, from funk, reggae and blues to hard rock. I can't say that it's a great guitar but not so bad either, with a good tube amp, some delay, reverb and chorus you can get a decent sound from it. Any Washburn users here?


Thanks! [thumbup]

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