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Need Some Help - Dating an LG-2


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Hi guys (and gals), I’m hoping you can help me. I have an LG-2 that, based on my research so far, was made between 1948 and 1952. It has closed Kluson tuners, with black buttons (I think these may be non-original, as every other LG I’ve ever seen had white ones, although some have said that it is possible for them to be orginal as Gibson was doing all sorts of crazy things then). It also has the small pick guard.


Here’s where the trail goes cold – It does have a serial number on the bock that reads:


“9294 5”



I can’t seem to find anything that corresponds to this to confirm the date. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, and I almost hate to ask… does anyone know the going rate on this vintage of LG-2? I’m considering selling it, but don’t want to get taken.


Many thanks!

- Jeremy

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Hello, I will change your date range to 1947-1951. The 1946 guitars have the "old" script Gibson logo with no Banner. The 46 guitars typically do not have numbers. In 1952 they began the reverse alphabet system beginning with Z in 1952.


I use to track the 47-51 FONs (factory order numbers), I gave up because they didn't seem to make sense to me. They didn't seem to go in sequence with the changes the guitars went through in that period. Those changes are related to the J45 and J50 bridge which went through small rectangle to belly up with through saddle.


The LG bridge continued with the small rectangle.


There are published numbers that relate these FONs to a year, I don't think they make sense, but the 9000 series is called a 1951.


Most of the guitars in this period have the open back tuners, but as you said they could be original with the closed back. Although tuners are often subject to change.


Value relates to condtion and originality. They made a lot of LG2s. Prices can range from $1500-2500. Check gbase.com, cruise intruments dealers and check ebay for asking prices.



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