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Redoing the electrics on a 3 pickup "firebird"


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Hello -


I'd like to do a favor for a friend. Someone tried to wire his guitar (a 3 pickup "firebird copy") and they've messed it up badly. To make maters worse, they removed the original bridge pickup and installed a DiMarzio, and did a poor routing job ;-( I am going to start clean and replace the electronics and wiring on it. It has multiple splices and awful looking solder joints. Right now it hums like crazy - I'm thinking ground problem?


I'm going to use 4 new 500k pots, a new switch, new jack, and good wire. He wants it wired so that there are 3 separate volume and one master tone control.


Can anyone point me to a good diagram to use - including the amount / size / placement of the cap(s) to be used? How about a kit that I could purchase with all the parts needed? Also, I've read that a standard switchcraft switch shouldn't be used - if so, please recommend what I should use.


Any info / advice will be much appreciated!


Chaplain Will


PS - (sorry guys about the "copy" part - it's a "Dillion" - but, hey, I didn't buy it). Just trying to help out a friend

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