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1997 gibson 335 dot korean cherry red


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i found this gem ...at a(small) music shop in edmonton alberta..the finish was flawless,the luther said it is few that were made really good?..the factory has won awards for great workmanship in 97,8.99..i don't know thought anyway my first gibby i really like the feel i play mostly blues and a little r/r ...the luther said gibson,s seem to sound better with that gauge(10/46)through a Kustom HV 30 hybrid tube amp the gibson has new pick ups (seymore duncan seth loves) they sound good to me..56years young getting back into playin,also has a Tusk nut.Now a few ?? the tuners seem pretty smooth i do not know what brand ?..would this guitar benifit with new tuners well it

sum's it what i know or don't now abought gibson 335 dot's.....Cheers Leo:-"

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