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1st Gibson R9 Gift. Dirty Lemon? Opinions?


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Received a 2005 Gibson R9 second hand from craigslist (but mint condition with COA) from family for Christmas. The top is not like most lemon burst R9s that I see. I was wondering what everyone here's opinion was on it and what they think it would sell for on the used market? (any offers? lol jk) I have the option to return it to the seller if I wanted. The had paid $3200 for it which I thought was a phenomenal price but the top looks incredibily plain in certain light and great in others. Please refer to pictures!


I also attached my craigslist ad where I have better pictures with better lighting:http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/msg/5374217026.html



Thanks guys!

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