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Bridge recommendation for Es335 with Bigsby


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Hello everyone,

I’m sure this question is older than dirt but I’m a bit confused and would really love some advice from you folks.

I have a Gibson Es335 with a Bigsby recently installed. The standard TOM bridge that came with it always broke strings

like crazy and now I have a recently fitted a Bigsby on it which I assume would need a serious change to the bridge.

What are my options? Do some people have success with a Bigsby and a TOM together without string breakage or tuning issues? I have a roller bridge on order but is there a difference in quality between the German

roller bridges vs the asian made? Also probably a dumb question, but can you fit a Gretsch rocking bar bridge on a Gibson or does someone make a similar style rocking bridge to retrofit a Gibson?


Thanks for any suggestions.



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I would think either a Gibson Nashville or perhaps a locking Tone Pros style bridge would work best. The old ABR-1 style bridge goes nuts with a Bigsby or Vibrola. The saddles are so loose to begin with they'll rock with the string motion, throwing the intonation settings out the window. In normal circumstances the thin ABR-1 studs get loose and can bend over time. Add in the action of a Bigsby and things can get pretty wild. The Gibson Nashville's studs mount into solid, pressed in anchors on the top, much better design from the get go, and easily able to withstand the action of a Bigsby. The vintage stye Tone Pro emulates the basic ABR-1 design, but adds locking screws to hold it steady against the post. In combination with a matching locking tailpiece this is supposed to increase sustain. The added stability could help where the Bigsby is concerned. Tone Pros also offers Nashville style bridges with some reputed improvements.



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