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Dating a Gibson Memphis 1959 es-335

Tyler Durden

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Hey guys,


I have the chance to buy a Gibson Memphis 1959 es-335 vos second hand.


But before that, I would like to know the year of production to see what specs she has.


The serial number is A05336.

I have search all the internet and didn't have a straight information about where the 2012 specs end and the 2013 begin, related with the serial numbers.

I already sent an email to Gibson Customer service but still no answer, I called to Memphis factory were I waited 15 minutes paying international call but couldn't speak to anyone.


I've seen several wildwood videos of this guitars on youtube, one with the SN: A05890 it's a 2013 model, the one with the SN: A05173 is the 2012.

This one that I'm looking to buy sits in the middle so...



The seller is asking 2.800€. For a 2013 i think it's a fair price, for a 2012 maybe too much...


I'm in little of a hurry, because I don't see very offten guitars like this in classifieds, at least in Portugal.



I hope someone can help me on this one!

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