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Hi everyone,


I'm new to Gibson, and I keep getting conflicting reports on what i'm after.

I have a 2010 Gibson USA with the Gibson Deluxe tuners - 10mm hex nut screw version.

I have locking tuners on all my other guitars due to the fact that i prefer a quick string change when on the road.

I want to upgrade them to locking tuners.

Are there any known that will drop in without having to make adjustments to the guitar? I have the Gotoh SD90 locking on my other guitars which I love, but I assume I would need 10mm conversion bushings down to 6mm?

Or are there any others such as grover locking that will screw in and line up on the screw holes on the back?

I have seen the Kluson locking - but they are around $200 where I am :S.

Gotoh and Grover seem to be a lot cheaper,

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