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modifications on a full-pickguard SG

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so, I have two "batwing" style, full-pickguard SG's. and I've always liked the way the pickup mounting rings looked on the half-pickguard SG's, especially the way they help align the top of the pickup to be parallel with the strings. so rather than go out and buy two new SG's (which I could never afford to do right now), I wanted to explore the possibility of installing pickup mounting rings directly onto the full-pickguard. I've done some research, and I know it has been done with success. from what I can tell, it seems to be fairly simple. however, I'd like to get some input from other people that may have tried this either with success, or without success. how difficult was it? did you run into any problems? were all the screws long enough to compensate for the extra 1/4 inch thickness of the pickguard? I'm curious to find out excavtly what steps you took to accomplish it. and photos would be great.

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