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Help on 1967 Gibson SG Standard

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Hello, I got the oportunity of buying a Vintage 1967 SG Standard. The seller says it's all original, except for the pickups that the former owner had changed. But I got some questions about it. It's kinda strange, and I don't know if its because of the pictures, but it looks like it had been refinished, It looks like PU finish for me. What do you think about it? The color also it's strange. I've been madly searching all pictures of Vintage 1967 SG in Cherry Finish and the color looks different. It's in another city, so I can't look at it. Looking at the pictures, what can you tell me about this guitar? Please help. Is it a true vintage '67 or has it been hardly modded or refinished? Sorry for my bad english and hope you can help me. Cheers. I couldn't attach the another files, but gonna post the link to the album.



post-76926-049906600 1460300833_thumb.jpg

post-76926-038883300 1460300949_thumb.jpg

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