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question to ES 175D owner


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what are the exact e-E distance on the nut, and the e-E distance at the bridge (Bridge ABR-1) on an original ES 175D straight from the factory.


the reason I ask is that I have bought an used 175D some month ago and discovered that the pre owner has changed the nut and made the slots much wider.

therefore during playing the string often "slip off" the neck. this happens on both outer strings. the strings are to close to the fretboard end (hope you know what I mean - sorry for the bad englisch)


at the ABR-1 bridge the 6 pcs small metal pieces (where the strings sit on and which are moveable for intonation purpose) also have custom specs and the furrows are not centered

Its about 50mm from e-E. It looks like the work was done by a drunken guitar luthier :mellow:


thank you for help



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