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Software Equivalent for the VG-99 ?


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Dark fire package running 6 instances of GR3 is already pretty close to VG-99 featureset





and then there is this too:

Keith McMillen "StringPort"


StringPort is a polyphonic string-to-USB 2.0 converter with a unique, powerful, and extensible software suite that greatly expands the synthesis and processing palette of guitarists, violinists, bassists, and other stringed instrument players. Coupled with an instrument with a polyphonic pickup and the industry-standard DIN-13 connector, StringPort allows string players to finally enter the world of synthesis.



We need the RIP to 13 pin adapter cable from Gibson to connect RIP to VG_99, GR-20, Axon MIDI convertor, Stringport (above)


probably 6 weeks away

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