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Hi I recently bought Epiphone boneyard Les Paul for $300.

It played quite well so I invested another $400 new tuning pegs, Gibson vintage Nickel covered Pearly Gates new volume and tone pots.


I have a Gibson Les Paul classic to compare it to as a standard top performer.


The bottom 5 strings play very well and sound very good fantastic power cords. However the high E string is overly bright and shrill I keep grabbing the volume and tone pot whenever a strike that string.


Has anyone else had a problem with to bright or shrill brittle high E string.

I actually can hear it acoustically as well it has a too bright nature.

I'm wondering if it's harmonics with a lighter weight guitar it also seems like some sort of resonance with the covered pickup.

Lowering the height of the pickup helps.


I'm also considering replacing the bridge or replacing the saddle, or trying and 11 gauge string. Or should I try 9gauge

Should I consider a tone pros replacement bridge I think the bridge on those models was also top-of-the-line bridge

or adjusting the height of the tension piece

I was even considering of $400 PLEK,

It's gotten to the point where I don't like to play it if I'm going to play the high E string.

But it's actually very awesome guitar


Anyone else having a problem with the top 2 strings being too bright while the rest of the guitar is awesome.

Thanks for any brainstorming.











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