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Pics of your WHITE Standard.


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I used to own a Les Paul Standard, but not just any standard, a model offered only between '89 and '91. These models were offered in only two colors that I know of, WHITE and an opaque RED. They had cream binding, cream plasic and GOLD hardware. Mine was the white, was the best guitar I ever owned; hands down. It was also apart of the biggest mistake of my life. There are no guitar techs in my area and I couldn't get this thing to hold it's tuning. I did everything I could think of, changed the hardware out, tuners, pencil in the nut, all of that. I eventually sold it back to the GC and bought an Ace Frehley. Two weeks later, a kid from GC taught me how to do a setup. When I asked about my guitar and the sister guitar I wanted (Same, with a middle P/U) the kid replied: "Dude, we sold that guitar two hours after you gave it to us" - I went home and actually shed a tear. I would love to see a picture of one, if anyone has one. I'll see if I can dig up an old picture of mine. Regards.

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