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New pickups/bridge with tremolo


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Re Neck PU = routing - although there are many P90 size aftermarket PUs (seymour duncan)


Re Tremolo - I'm working on adapting a modified Stetsbar Tremolo - that would be totally reversible = zero routing


The hurdle is modifications to the Stetsbar tailpiece to provide the isolated string electrical connections (for power and communications to the Tuners) - and re-mounting the Piezo tune-o-matic bridge to Stetbar floating bridge plate.



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Re Mag PUs = No changes necessary


Re Piezo bridge - remove ribbon cable connection from internal PC board, drill hole on Stetsbar base and place Tronical Piezo bridge on Stetsbar base.


Re Tronical String electrical connections - need to make major modifications to the stetsbar, not for the untrained installer.


I'm still working on this and I'll post pics upon completion.



BTW - it may void your warranty

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elantric i have a question..im not that familiar with the stetsbar tremolo but I took a look at their website to get a basic idea. Now with most tremolo rigs you have to tune your guitar strings several times to get accurate tuning because everytime you tune one string it moves the tremolo or puts more pressure on the tremolo springs. Basically what im saying is tuning any one string affects the tuning of all strings (im sure you know this elantric..no insult..some may not know). So, based on that knowledge wouldnt the Robot tuning function go crazy trying to tune a tremolo equiped guitar. My guess is that it would keep tuning up until the tremolo had hit its furthest point of travel and stopped moving, then it would get the strings in tune but the tremolo would be useless because it would already be maxed out. any thoughts? I thought about how cool it would be to have a tremolo equipped Robot guitar but I just cant see how it would work.

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I understand the issues


Its important to remember that prior to Gibson becoming the sole distributor of the Tronical System - they did make a Robot Powertune system kit for the Fender Stratocaster with tremolo.



But you are correct - On the original Robot Tuning system, the changing tension of all strings means more work for the PowerTuners - and there may initially be a period of constantly making "over-corrections" before reaching the final target pitch. - as the tuning sequence was one string at a time on the 1st Generation Robot. The early Robot also employed a slower CAN data bus. But over time the Tronical system is smart and "learns" the ideal ballistics for the particular guitar.


On the new Dark Fire Tuning system - Tronical employs a much faster CPU, and faster system "feedback loop" sensing throughput to react to changes in string tension and make corrections much faster. Compared to a standard tailpiece, adding a tremolo will add more time for settling and take a bit longer to reach "in-tune" status - but it should work because the newest Tronical firmware and CPU in Dark Fire is able to sense all 6 strings at once, and tune all strings in parallel at the same time.



With a typical Bigsby installation, there is always the high potential for the wound strings to get stuck in the bridge saddles and then "jump" out of tune anytime the Tremolo bar is moved too far


The Stetsbar has a very unique system design, and pivots the T.O.M.bridge in sync with the raised or lowered tension during trem arm use.


At least I'll have fun finding out #-o


If it detracts from the usability of the Dark Fire, I will put the Stetsbar on my Yamaha ES335 clone.

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