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Kramer ID and history help


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Hi guys.


Can anyone help with identifying my Kramer, as well as any general information about the guitar?


I got it second hand about 15 years ago in Australia. Paid about $250AUD I think.


It's been in storage for the past 10 years and I've only recently got it out to start playing again. I really like it. It plays nice. Unfortunately, the volume knob is seized up and the the saddles on the high E and B strings cracked when I went to restring (I have some aftermarket saddles and volume knob on order from the local music store).


I appears to be a late 80s overseas model; however, the B plate number has me confused.



post-83642-010078200 1485244671_thumb.jpg

post-83642-063572000 1485244683_thumb.jpg

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