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SG pickup route modifications by Gibson


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I recently purchased a 1967 Gibson SG Standard in Pehlam Blue. All of the guitar features are of a standard model and I emailed Gibson with the serial number and they confirmed that the guitar was shipped as a standard. I removed the large bat wing pickguard and discovered that the pickup route was a route for 2 P90's and that the P90 routes were enlarged after paint. The modification was done by chiseling away wood to accommodate for humbucker pickups. I have serval SG's from this era and ALL of them have the large 3 pickup route. I do have a 67 SG Custom and it has some route modification in one area and the modification was a chisel away mod as well. I always thought this done after Gibson, now IM not sure.


I think Gibson made modifications like this back then. How could Gibson ship an SG Standard with a two P90 pickup route. The humbuckers would not fit in the P90 routes. I checked and the sodder has NEVER been tapped. Is it possible that Gibson made this modification. Did they figure that no one would ever remove the guard? IM sure they never thought that guitars would become collectable and the vintage craze era would ever take place.


Does anyone out there have information regarding this issue or have seen this as well?

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