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Output to Mac Speakers instead of RIP


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Is it possible to configure the RIP -> Guitar Rig 3 so that the sound output comes out through the Mac speakers rather than from the analog outputs on the RIP?


Also, I already owned Guitar Rig 3 Kontrol Edition, is the Guitar Rig 3 that comes with the Dark Fire different or is it the same software? I've been hesitant to install the version that came with the Dark Fire.


thank you

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Read this thread and the suggestions from DF-234 using GR3 with Apple Garageband




if you don't have speakers yet or just want to test it thru ur computer and have a mac open up garageband and turn on montoring set the input as the rip and it will play through your computer speakers just use gr3 as a plug in still i would recomend you get a good set of studio monitors they are really worth it however im still saving up for a pair myself




If you already own an up to date GR3.2 install - go here:


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