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Upgrading the Epiphone G-1275 Doubleneck

Jim McLaren

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Hey everyone, pleasure to make my first post here, love the forum!


I recently finished the upgrading process of my Epiphone G-1275 Doubleneck guitar (the cherry red one).


Now, I know I'll never escape the fact that this guitar is made of a mahogany laminate, but I've tried to de-Epiphone the guitar as much as possible. Many of us look at guitars with upgrade already in mind, perhaps because it's a good deal..maybe it plays great but the pickups are weak. Or the guitar is perfect except the tuners aren't ideal.


I made this video to show people what's possible when you upgrade these guitars. This is especially the case with this doubleneck, who's Gibson counterpart is $6499 on sweetwater. All said and done, with all of the upgrades this guitar has cost me around $2000 CDN.


I hope people get some insight and enjoy the video. Thanks all!


Jim McLaren




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Hi Jim -


Not sure if you'll see this but I also have a G-1275, which has had all of the electronics replaced. I put in Gibson Classic 57's in place of the original pickups.


The problem is that the height adjustment screws are too long for the depth of the pickup holes and they touch at the bottom of the cavity, which leads to the pickups sitting wrong and in the case of both lead pickups, they tilt in such a way that there’s almost no string clearance.


Did you run into this when you upgraded? Are there shorter screws I should use in place of the stock ones? I have thought about filing them off or trying to do some other surgery to the thing to make it work but it seems like this would be a fairly common issue with any skinny SG style guitar like this, right?


Thanks for any inputs guys!



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