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Flying V / Real of Fake?

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Hi all!


I have a Flying V that I bought some years ago. It has an atypical headstock from pretty much any Flying V I've seen. The s/n is 00464605 so best as I can guess is that it's a 2004 Special Edition. However, there's that headstock. The Gibson logo on it is a silkscreen "Gibson" rather than a more pronounced one (raised plastic, etched in larger truss rod cover, pearlescent inlay) that is more common on V's. Not only is it silkscreen, it's in an odd position.


Does anyone on this forum know if this is an authentic Flying V or not? Any advice greatly appreciated.


Photos here:


Headstock: http://imgur.com/DPD5nb0

Back Headstock: http://imgur.com/JtjRUNY

Guitar: http://imgur.com/MM3Wj8Y


Inner Cavity: http://imgur.com/d96jvYI

Inner Panel / Pots: http://imgur.com/uUKXmSY

Closeup of Pot: http://imgur.com/7Fu8XWC

Bridge Pickup Cavity: http://imgur.com/1L2vEG2

Bridge Pickup: http://imgur.com/9ZlIPf8

Neck Pickup Cavity: http://imgur.com/dUJugq0

Neck Pickup: http://imgur.com/lcYBrl2

Logo: http://imgur.com/VpB7NmO


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Hi Alexshifrin,


I'm not a specialist in V's so I'm just trying to help you out.


The only thing I noticed that's not common in the Gibsons I have is the cavity painted black. I really recommend that you forward your inquiry to Gibson via this link:




Tell them you need to know if it's legit and they you give you the instructions for sendind pictures to support.


I myself used this service once, and they answered fast.


Hope that helps!


Best Regards,



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