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Newb saying hello.

The Funkmeister

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My name is Dave and I live in Kansas City MO. I've been playing since I was around 12 but am currently 44 yrs old. I've had many different guitars and amps over the years and yes, I play more than just Gibsons.


I'm a self-admitted rhythm guitarist..not lead guitarist. I also enjoy writing my own stuff. I've taught many people how to play guitar over the years and many of them are much better than me now (which is great). Just joined to share knowledge and get to know other fellow guitarist.


I currently have a 1999 Gothic ES-135 with humbuckers, ebony fretboard, 12 fret moon/star inlay, etc. (I know... I know...you either hate the guitar or love it...That's OK as I have a love/hate relationship with it as well). The ES-135 is being played through a Mesa Boogie Rocket 440 Combo Amp (45 watts) with 4x 10" Jenson Alnico P10Rs, etc.


I used to have a 1948 Southern Jumbo Acoustic that was given to me by my uncle when I was a kid but sadly an ex ended up with that guitar. Yes, I'm still sick to my stomach over that ordeal.


Anyways, I currently have a Seagull S6+ Spruce Acoustic that I bought back in the mid-90s. Talk about an excellent guitar for the price point. Solid spruce top/mahogany sides/backs... bare bones no frills axe. Love that guitar and it's aged beautifully.


Married with 4 kids so being able to sit down and play anymore seems like a privilege. Hopefully, we can share knowledge, experience and ideas.




The end/

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