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G'day troops.


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G'day Troops.

I'm new to the site, all the way from Australia. I'm 64 years old, male, and own a few nice guitars and amps. Also a concert p.a. system and a 32 track Yamaha/Apple/Stienberg recording facility. Only small but does the job. A good suite of microphones helps a lot.

As to my guitars I own a Les Paul Gold Top, a '56 repro, it's the best guitar I've ever played. A 2003 Epiphone DOT VS, and an Epiphone Les Paul Junior that has had the hum bucker removed and a P 90 inserted in its place, this thing is a beast, and gets used for slide work. The P 90 is made by a guy in Hobart Tasmania. I also have an Epiphone Allen Woody bass. There is an '83 Vintage Strat, a 60th Anniversary Telecaster, Gretsch Streamliner, Jackson Resonator, and Washburn Acoustic. There are a couple of Fender amps, a Vox AC15, and a baby Kustom 15 watt, all valve. A bunch of pedals and rack mounted stuff, nough to make a real racket.



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