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Epi EJ200 Esonic2 issue


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Hi all! I am new here!

I have been a loyal Epiphone fan for decades. My main axe is a Sheraton. I did like it out of the box but I ended up putting a Lollar Low Wind Imperial in the neck with a coil tap, an 80's Dimarzio SD in the bridge,(which sounds great!)a master volume, bone nut, and string saver GraphTech saddles. The already good Sheraton is now a Swiss Army knife of a guitar!!


I just acquired an Epiphone EJ200ce and have weird issues with the Shadow Esonic2. It seems a lot of people are having issues with these electronics with no customer service whatsoever. Has anyone here experienced it? And if so, how did you remedy it? I think I am going to simply get a good sound hole mount pickup.


Thanks for looking and nice to meet ya!

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